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How to Avoid Failure Using Mind Body Communication

It is certainly true that no one was born a champion, but then anyone can become a champion.
The truth is, most champions did not seem destined for the limelight at all.
They were just ordinary people who lived ordinary lives, but in due course found out that they could do something extraordinary.
It is always very easy to believe when we see people who are successful today that they were born that way.
They were not! They were born just like everyone else, but somewhere along the line, they discovered their innate power over their circumstances and they leveraged on that power to improve their lot in life.
They discovered the power of mind body communication and used that power to write their own destiny.
Take a count of successful people today and check their respective backgrounds.
You are bound to discover that they had an intervention at some point in time.
One thing which is intriguing is that most outstanding people do not look outstanding.
Take for instance, Jesus Christ; the Jews questioned His ministry because He was the son of a carpenter and He just did not quite fulfill the picture of the Messiah they were expecting.
Imagine for a moment if He was the son of a general, the impression He cast might have been much different.
Time and again, history has shown that those who rise to the top are those who are least expected to do so.
It's not the circumstances that count but the reaction to those circumstances.
In other words, the exercise of the mind power which is man's most potent power.
Wilma Rudolph, the winner of three Olympic gold medals was born as the 20th member of a 24 member family and due to pneumonia and scarlet fever at an early age, then diagnosed with polio, she was paralyzed in her left leg, forcing her to make use of leg braces until the age of nine.
She decided at the age of 13 to become an athlete and though she kept failing, she never gave up.
She kept trying and failing until she began to win.
What was the difference between the girl who was paralyzed and the one who began to win races and eventually won three Olympic gold medals? It was her mind body communication.
That important discovery turned her life around and saw her through every disappointment.
It also carried her through every ache and pain, when her body kept telling her to stop and give up.
That mind power which she developed made the difference between Wilma and most other athletes who were even fit and without any physical challenges.
They may have been content to settle for less, but she was not and finally, she got what she wanted.
The impossible dreams and goals she set for herself became realities in her life.
The record is a lasting testimony to her will and character that continues to live on long after her death.

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