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10 New Year"s Resolutions for Millenials

I know.
New years is soooo far away.
You might as well wait.
Start cramming when the Dick Clark replacement is at the 3...
1 before figuring it all out and then when the resolution fails...
just say "wow! If only I had prepared.
" Yes.
Replace "New Year's Resolution" with "my final exam," and "Dick Clark replacement" with "the guy who says whatever they say when you start a test" (its been a while) and you have the experience you probably just went through.
So, these new year's resolutions are for you (or for someone you should share this with who REALLY needs it) if you want to reboot the next year.
Parents are so pissed off at kids in their teens and twenties who don't seem to have a quality sense of discipline and these beleaguered 'rents are equally amazed that their kids don't seem to understand the "error of their ways" no matter how much nagging/threats/bad-reverse-psychology the parents dish out.
So here is the secret for both groups.
Hey Boomers! Millenials have no frame of reference that in any way connects to what you grew up with.
Sure, you brushed your teeth, shined your shoes, could actually tell analogue time and could even tie shoe laces but really, let's face it, what would you have done if a camera on your computer was remotely turned on and the entire world could watch you dance naked to "Anaconda?" Millenials have problems we could never have imagined.
And now, without further ado, here is my Top Ten List of New Year's Resolutions for Millenials.
Number 10 Burgers..
if you're going to eat dead animals ground into tasty morsels and then formed into patties, refrain from adding 10,000 other things that probably made sense when you were too high to have taste buds or respect for your gall bladder and/or kidneys.
Number 9 Everything electronic.
You may not believe it but electronic stuff really does rule your life.
Pick one day of the week and try having a one hour electronics-free break.
Slowly build it up one hour at a time until you have a whole free day.
Fill it up with good stuff like walking, dancing, playing an instrument, making love but try not to do more than one at a time.
(it defeats the whole point).
Number 8 Stop listening to rap that demeans women.
It will never get you laid and if it does you will probably just end up with a dose...
of humility.
Number 7 Start writing.
Anything you want.
Blogs, short stories, novels.
Twitter and Facebook have actually been training Millenials to write things all the time and be brief about it.
You guys could be the next great generation of story-tellers.
Just write for 30 minutes a day and if you find that difficult, try 5 minutes a day.
Number 6 Avoid starting every sentence with the word "No".
I doesn't matter what you say these days: e.
: I think that the new Taylor Swift video is sick! No! I loved that video! (Should we talk about the whole Taylor Swift thing?...
She seems really nice).
Start noticing when you add unnecessary "no's" to a conversation and edit them.
Number 5 Say "Yes.
It's a beautiful word.
(Look up the story about Lennon meeting Yoko in New York).
BTW, "yeah" "uh-huh" or "grunt" are not substitutes for "yes.
" There is something magical that happens when you use the word to affirm good things.
Number 4 Avoid irony.
Number 3 Start a new habit.
It should take you about three weeks of doing something regularly to make it part of you automatically.
It might be brushing your teeth, or starting a sleep routine at a reasonable hour to get decent sleep but make it yours.
Number 2 Don't listen to anybody.
Make life your own.
Be inspired by people you think are awesome and do your own version of living as a great human being.
Number 1 Tell people you love that you love them.
Hug them.
Give them a kiss.
A kind word and even the benefit of the doubt when they annoy the heck out of you.
Life is really too short but by deciding to live life large though kindness, faith and wisdom...
every day can be a New Year's Resolution for becoming that thing you thought you could be before you thought you couldn't.
(You still really can).
Finally, if you really want to change the world...
Mentor someone.
No number.
No resolution.
Just do it.

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