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How to Quickly Double Your Productivity

If you take a moment to think about what you do throughout the day, a simple pattern will probably emerge.
When you look at all of the activities that you perform on a daily basis in your work, you can probably divide these tasks into separate categories based on their importance and effectiveness.
Ultimately, you'll probably find that about 20% of your activity contributes to about 80% of your success.
For example, you may be a salesperson who spends lots of time researching a product, speaking with customers, and doing any number of other activities in order to increase your sales.
You may find that the simple act of calling on more customers increases your sales because you're increasing the number of opportunities you have to sell your products or services to a customer.
However, when you look at your day and all the time you spend on other work related tasks (as well as the time you waste speaking with coworkers or surfing the web), you might realize that you don't do nearly enough of these phone calls.
In this case, you might say that talking to potential customers is only taking up about 20% of your day, but it is responsible for about 80% of your productivity.
Yes, you still have to do other tasks including learning about your products and services so you can sell more effectively.
However, your most productive task may very well be picking up the phone and calling on more prospects.
In this case, you may simply want to spend more time on this most valuable task.
Perhaps you can double the number of calls you make on any given day, and this may indeed double your sales (or at least increase them significantly).
Most people spend their day trying to do a great number of activities in their work and personal lives.
In order to become more productive, you have to realize that everyone's time is limited and you can only accomplish so much in a given day.
At first, this concept may be frustrating, but then it can actually become liberating.
You simply identify the most important tasks you could complete at any given time, and these are the tasks that bring you the most benefit in your career or personal life.
You simply spend more time doing the most important things.
This simple tip can make you much more productive and accomplish much more in a shorter period.

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