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Our "Usual" Streams of Consciousness

I used to think that my stream of consciousness was static and around the same level mostly.
Awareness eventually dawned on me that we have an unbelievable 'tuning' device if we will loose of the rigid way of thinking that pervades most of society.
As I read more and became aware of my own different states at any time of the day, I decided that they were anything but static.
I also decided that what was normal for one person was not necessarily so for another.
So, as we are going to sleep or awakening in the morning we can be in the delightful hypnagogic or somnambulistic in between state.
As you would have experienced with this state it is like having a foot in both camps.
If you are one of the people who has vivid dream recall you maybe will have experienced the state called lucid dreaming where you 'knew' that you were dreaming.
In this state if fully lucid then you can influence the outcome right then and there.
You may also have experienced the exhilaration of a 'flying' dream where gravity had not effect and you could move at will just by thinking yourself there.
My experience with the latter is to awaken in the morning feeling much lighter.
There is the process of accelerated learning written on by Ostrander and Schroeder in their book called 'Super Learning.
' In the book they give information that the Bulgarians used to induce a learning state that gave very good results.
One of the main parts of this was the use of Baroque music of 60 beats per minute.
This tended to induce an alpha brain wave state to facilitate the learning process.
Then there was Dr Ira Progoff, who wrote, 'At a Journal Workshop.
' Progoff was interned in the Second World War when all books were being burned.
He postulated on what would occur if every book on the planet was burned, what we would do with all this knowledge lost.
How could we possibly regain this? He decided that the knowledge had come from people in the first place and that is where to look at replenishing this.
So evolved his 'Journal' method to assist people to get in touch with this stream of consciousness that had given birth to the book contents in the first place.
This is more evidence at the tremendous resource that we have and are connected to if we will be but aware of it.
From the annals of channelled work like that of Jane Roberts, Seth Material, we gain further ideas.
Seth/Jane wrote of five levels of alpha brain wave states.
These states were described as each level being a deeper one with level 5 being that of the totality of consciousness.
Maybe those people who supposedly tune into their past life experiences go through some the states that Seth tells us about.
The beautifully descriptive writings of Joan Grant in such books as 'Far Memory, her biography and other books vividly recalled from previous incarnations can give us more ideas on states of consciousness.
Some of her other books include, 'Winged Pharaoh,' 'Return to Illysium' and 'Lord of the Horizon.
' In doing a recent book search I notice that here books are back in print.
Some people still have the ability to naturally 'see' the energy field around the human body and that of trees as well.
This ability can be learned too.
The many mystical writings give us further insight into altered states of consciousness.
We are also advised not to become addicted to any particular state as this precludes advancement to the finer and finer levels available to us.
Explore, be light and have fun.
It enhances the journey and your creativity.

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