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The Ability of My Actions

The Ability of my Actions is determined by my power & my authority to act.
What I know and believe to be true has a direct effect on the action that I take.
It determines the authority of my choice of action.
What I feel about whatever is occurring also has a direct effect on the action that I take.
It determines the power of my authority to choose.
Any fears or limiting beliefs that I hold in my thoughts will deplete my power and create a resistance to my ability to act.
Any attachments or emotional needs that I sub-consciously hold will compromise my ability to act effortlessly, competently & effectively.
The ability to act well requires an inspired thought to empower the proposed action being taken.
Effortless action occurs with a charge-neutral belief and a harmonised emotional state of being that is empowering & enabling.
The Power of my Emotions is determined by their intensity.
The intensity of an emotion is determined by its gender, which is relative to the polarity of my thought.
The gender of my emotional state of being is determined by my beliefs, which create both my perspective and my perception of what is occurring.
It is my belief about what is occurring in my life that determines how I feel about it.
My emotional state of being has the power to enable or disable my action, relative to the gender of its wavelength and the polarity of the frequency of my sponsoring thought.
The gender of my emotional state of being determines its potential power.
My inspired thoughts empower my action.
The negative polarity of my fears & limiting beliefs threaten & paralyze my proposed action.
Fearful beliefs produce disempowering emotions.
Inspired thoughts empower with positive emotion.
My emotional state of being is an expression of my power being expressed as a reflection of the beliefs that I hold.
My emotions have the power to both create & destroy.
The power of my emotions is mine when I am connected and aligned with my true authority.
The Authority of my Belief is determined by its Truth.
The truth of a belief is determined by its vibration.
The purity of an energy vibration determines its truth.
Pure vibrations of thought have a pure wavelength & a pure frequency.
In a pure vibration of thought, the frequency & wavelength are the same.
In a pure frequency of thought, the polarity is neutral.
In a pure wavelength of emotion, the gender is harmonised.
When a thought & emotion is balanced, charge neutral and harmonised, it is an expression of the truth and it has a divine authority of choice.
Divine authority is always a divine choice.
My ideal Life is a divine choice that requires my choice of beliefs to be authorised by me.
When my beliefs have a divine authority they are my truth.
When I live my truth, I experience my ideal life.
A divine life has harmony, balance & equality, which is ideal for me.
The authority of my beliefs determines the power of my emotions and the ability of my actions.

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