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The Challenge of Change!

The Challenge of Change! The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.
-Japanese Proverb We all face circumstances in life that face us with the opportunity to be a bamboo or an oak.
Situations that we find difficult or uncomfortable often bring from us the first response of the oak tree that stands firm and strong in opposition to that which is not to our liking.
We dig our heels in.
Even a torrent and storm of protest against us cannot sway us in our obstinacy of believing that we should have our way in the matter.
The result is that we stand firm but aloof and alone in our selfish obstinacy.
How different is the bamboo that bends.
It has no great power of resistance.
It cannot be an oak however much it tries.
Not that it would want to be.
It is by nature pliable and easily swayed to fall in with the flow of things around it.
How much more comfortable life would be for each of us it we could be that bamboo.
How we might then find that change is not the unnerving disaster that we thought it would be.
Rather it is the catalyst to bring about in us much needed change and desirable growth.
Change is a fact of life for our evolvement and growth as human beings and as spirit beings, this later being our primary and enduring nature.
Human life on this planet is little more than a vehicle for our spirit to develop and grow to reach a higher level of attainment and evolvement.
Changes and challenges to our status quo are usually seen by us as threats.
We need to change of primary way of thinking about these events that cross our pathway to see that they are opportunities for much needed growth.
Without the irritations of life we would stagnate and be seriously stunted in our growth.
We need to have our comfort zones challenged in many ways.
True, not all at once or we begin to feel overwhelmed.
But gradually over a period of time, indeed over a lifetime, the challenges we meet will help us to become more the person we were meant to be, or the person we need to be.
This is necessary for our spirit to develop so that we may move on to a higher plane of experience.
Sometimes that higher plane may be experienced in this life.
But very often we become aware that this is the schoolroom to prepare us for the greater awareness and opportunities for service that will open up to us in another place outside on this earthly experience.
Growth is always a choice we will face in this life.
We can resist.
We can be the oak for a time.
But experience will hopefully be a kind and truthful teacher for us and show us that the way of the solid and immoveable oak is not the way of change.
That way does not serve our long term best interests.
We will hopefully see that the way of the bamboo is by far the best.
The winds of life will not blow so strong on the bamboo so as to destroy it.
Rather the wind of change that we will experience will manifest itself as a refreshing breeze that blows upon us to revitalize and enliven us.
We will succeed in making the necessary growth if we have a change of mindset.
If we too easily have in the past had the immediate response of the oak, we will need to change our viewpoint to an understanding that only the way of the pliable bamboo is the way of growth.
The winds that once were seen as the winds of adversity will then be changed in our renewed vision into the winds of opportunity.
Comfort will become less of a priority - growth will be number one on our gift list to ourselves.
What positive things can we do to embrace change as our friend?We need to set goals and also have a clear idea of how we are going to achieve our goals.
We need to see what changes are immediately present as challenges to our achievement of our goals.
We need to see our pride and obstinacy as obstacles rather than benefits.
We must recognize a stepping stone set before us for what it is.
How many stepping stones have we heaved out of the way in our lifetime, rather than stepping onto them and seeing that they almost miraculously take us forward to the next place we need to be in our life stream experience.
Whenever we feel resistance we need to question why we are resisting.
Do we gain anything from this resistance?Almost always the answer will be a resounding "NO".
Of course when change confronts us we will have doubts and we will have fears.
But what does doubt and fear achieve for us?Are these emotions our friend or our foe?Should we push them away from us?Undoubtedly we should.
Why not make a pact with yourself TODAY to confront your comfort zones, to question their validity and discard those that demonstrate their worthlessness?This will be for you the biggest stepping stone you have been given.
Once taken, this step will make all the other steps seem less formidable.
You will be on the pathway that was designed for you.

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