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Hypnotic Handcuffs Instant Hypnosis Induction

Hypnotic Handcuffs instant hypnosis induction technique perfected by the hypnotist Jim Arthur is a controversial hypnosis induction that does not require subject consent.
In this instant hypnosis induction the subjects' hands are locked together and cannot be opened until the hypnotist's next command.
Many refer to this area of hypnosis as covert hypnosis, since this type of hypnosis can be performed without the subjects consent or providing a warning of what is to come.
As with many hypnosis techniques, the hypnotic handcuff technique is highly controversial.
Though as with any powerful method it is up to the hypnotist to decide to behave ethically.
The Hypnotic Handcuffs technique This instant hypnosis induction technique you can really lock someone's hands together just with the power of hypnosis.
In fact with this technique you can take over another person's mind and install hypnotic commands very quickly with hypnosis.
This hypnosis instant induction utilizes the same psychological mechanism that your subconscious uses when a song gets stuck in your head over and over again.
This is also known as an "ear worm"; when your unconscious mind comes to the forefront, overriding your conscious programs for a moment.
Once the hypnotic handcuffs are installed the subject is powerless to do anything but obey the hypnotist's next command and remains with their hands locked together.
This hypnosis phenomenon is a quirk between catalepsy, actually having something frozen in time and hypnosis.
To attain the hypnotic handcuffs, a specific technique is used with a specific set of words and also utilizing actions and physiology (the positions that the subject gets into), the hands actually get locked up.
In the hypnotic script the hypnotist gets the subject to lock and bond with them.
By the end of the process, the person knows that their hands are stuck; believing deep in their unconscious, that they cannot release their hands from being clasped together.

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