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Understanding And Using Feng Shui Symbols

Feng Shui Symbols To Make You Stand Up And Take Notice! Here are some simple, yet very powerful feng shui symbols that you can benefit from by applying in your own environment...
The Flute: In Feng Shui a pair of flutes are often used to divert the negative flow of energy.
There are many types of Chinese flutes, It is said that Han Xiang-Zi could make flowers bloom at will and sooth wild animals with his music, a patron saint of musicians, this happy immortal is always depicted carrying or playing the flute.
The Sword: There are many legends regarding swords and their magical properties.
In Feng Shui terms there is the sword of coins.
Coins are usually associated with prosperity; however, they were also used as protective charms.
So it came to be that a cluster of coins were strung with red cording in the shape of swords.
These were then worn around the neck to ward off 'sha chi' directed your way by a hostile source.
The Basket of flowers: A decorated basket of flowers represent riches and therefore the motif is a popular one used during the New Year period, Lan Cai-he is one of the eight immortals and is represented by a basket of fruit or flowers.
Pink flowers & plants Placing live pink color flowers in the southeast corner of your house is believed to bring allot of new relationship opportunities.
Actually just placing allot of plants in the southeast corner can get the same results.
There are many more examples when it comes to feng shui symbols and there utilization, just remember that your not bound to only traditional chinese symbols, you can use symbols that have meaning to you as well, for example: a photo of someone who represents love, strength or joy could be placed in an area where you would need that energy most.

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