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How To Raise Your Expectations And Overcome Procrastination?

"I am what I am"! Does that sound familiar? It does sound very familiar to me when I talk to one of my friend, a seasoned procrastinator, about the importance of him changing for the better.
Although he claimed that he was very serious about overcoming procrastination; however he still holds the belief in himself that he could not possibly change.
Now if you were like my friend thinking that you cannot change for the better, then you are right.
Nobody can possibly force you to change unless you want to.
Even if your loved ones managed to change you, without your consent, the change won't be permanent.
Therefore, it must be from your heart that says "I am willing to change NOW.
" Another thing you need to be aware of is your mental locks.
Every successful people have been preaching about the importance of having to guard your mind from thoughts that will destroy your expectation of success.
That is one very crucial key to understand and practice in order to break the chains of having to live a life of procrastination and mediocrity.
Now read through the sentences below and take note which statements most resonate with you:
  • Creativity doesn't suit me.
    I'm more of alogical person.
  • If you want great visibility, stay at whereyou are.
  • Rules are meant to be followed.
  • Logical! That's more like me!
  • No!! I do not want to make any mistakes.
  • I don't want to do it.
    If it doesn't work,I'll look like a fool.
  • I not in charge of that and I don't want to haveany connection with it.
  • Let's be more practical about this!
When did you last said or hold thoughts about those statements? Is it very often? Now the reason for having you do the short quiz is not to embarrass you.
My intention is to give you a clearer picture of what has been in your mind all these while.
What you think is often what you get.
Therefore, if you continue to hold self defeating thoughts, it will be quite hard for you to truly overcome procrastination and achieve success in life.
Remember, it all first starts in your mind.
And let me tell you something.
It does take a lot of determination and perseverance to break free from the clutches of procrastination.
Some very successful people I know of are also engaging in a war against procrastination daily.
Therefore, if you were thinking that successful people were people who had truly conquered procrastination, think again.
I know it is not easy to totally get rid of those mental locks as they tend to seep into your mind when you do not pay attention to them.
Now, don't beat yourself up if you catch yourself holding those self defeating thoughts.
It takes some time, effort and perseverance to truly keep them out of your mind.
Keep your sense of humor for they can prove to be invaluable in your quest in overcoming procrastination and filling your mind with positive and resourceful thoughts and beliefs.
So what is your choice? A life of mediocrity or a life of challenges and growth? Well, I think the answer is pretty obvious, isn't it? :)

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