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Build Up Your Confidence With These Motivational Stories

Stories have a positive way of affecting the way we reason and make decisions in life.
The more we read the stories of successful individuals, the more motivated we are to succeed in life.
Whenever I am in dire need of a heavy dose of inspiration, all I do is turn to the following stories: The falling down of the wall of Jericho (Joshua 6:15-20) Through the instrumentality of singing and dancing round the wall of Jericho, the powerful and fortified walls fell down flat.
It was an event that defied the usual and created panic in the camp of the enemy.
Sometimes when problems become too complicated and ordinary solutions are not yielding the desired results, what is need is a touch of the unusual.
Daniel in the lion den (Daniel 6) I could imagine the reaction of some individuals when faced with similar situations.
The mere fact that they are about to be thrown into a lion den can result to instant death through heart attack.
It was not so for Daniel, because God shut the mouth of the lions on his behalf.
He was strolling majestically in the lion's den.
It was a story that has continued to inspire believer worldwide.
Shedrack, Meshac and Abednego in the burning furnace (Daniel 3:19-26) The three Hebrew youths were never afraid to die even when they were face to face with death.
The men who were given the task of throwing them into the fiery furnace even died in the process, but none of the Hebrew children were hurt by the flames.
Those that came to see their execution stood transfixed as Shedrack, Meshac and Abednego enjoyed themselves.
The prince of peace was with them and ensured none of their hairs was burnt.
What an amazing story illustrating the awesome protective power of God over our life.
Jesus walking on top of the sea (Matthew 14:25-31) Jesus defied the law of gravity when he walked on top of the sea.
He demonstrated his power over creation and it was a frightful Peter who asked that he be allowed to join him.
Peter also performed the incredible when he walked on top of the boisterous sea.
He however began to drown when he realize he was walking on top of water.
Unbelief and fear had crept in unaware and it took the intervention of Jesus who came to his rescue.
When we are able to let go of fear, doubt and unbelief, the possibility of operating in the miraculous becomes a reality.
If we can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.
100 years old Abraham becoming a father (Genesis 21:1-6) If given the opportunity, lots of folks and brethren will contest the claim of Abraham's ability to father a child at such an advance age.
Some would have suggested that a DNA test be carried out to confirm the authenticity of his claim.
The fact remains that Abraham did the impossible and confounded those who had previously mocked at him.
The more I read this inspirational story, the more convinced I am that our God is a God of possibilities.
All he requires from us is an unshakable faith and believe in his word.

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