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True Abundance is About Harmonizing

A truly happy life is one that is in harmony on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in addition to having enough wealth, loving relationships and personal joy.
Is this what your life is like? It can be, but it takes courage and commitment to grow beyond what you are now.
Actual growth doesn't happen when you are comfortable and complacent.
It happens when you stretch your boundaries and you question them and why they are there.
You become the quest of dissolving your conditioning and creating new rules for how you want to live.
Your personal development becomes sustainable and safe to the point where you welcome effective transformation and abundance.
This is what abundance is all about, effective and sustainable transformation, in addition to harmonizing all aspects of your life.
When you are developing the life of your dreams, you will be working with internal changes and external actions.
It all starts with where you are right now and a close examination of what is working for you and what is not.
By being willing to see what needs to change and having the courage to examine your old hurts and blocks and actually change them is a very important first step.
There is an old saying that out of the caverns of problems come awesome gifts.
To get to the positive experiences and unlimited opportunities, you need to bait yourself with outcome - what you really want, not what you don't want.
You may think your life is pretty good, so how do you know if your life is abundant enough without being greedy.
The most common thread in the lives of people is that there is one or more aspects in their life that they are deeply unhappy about.
For example, they may have lots of money but their health is not the best.
They may have great relationships but be broke all the time.
The same is true where someone could have awesome health but be terribly lonely.
It's not always about the money.
To attract abundance and the harmony it brings, you must be willing and able to change your attitude and your way of thinking.
Daily events will trigger all of your old patterns of self-defeating and negative thoughts.
You must be willing to recognize them, stop them and reframe them to initiate different results.
It's not just about how your life is, it's about how you want your life to be and how you are going to help get yourself there.
We all live in the same world so we can all get the same results, but we know that is not so.
There are lots of people who are better off or worse off than others.
To get your share of abundance, you first need to recognize that it is there.
Then you start to bend your mind in that direction.
There are a whole pile of situations and circumstances that block and hide abundance from us.
Feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, unresolved emotional issues, perceived problems, shame, guilt, jealousy, anxiety, bitterness, anger and a litany of other issues can all block what is rightfully yours to experience, abundance.
If you are really serious about growing abundance, in your life, you also need to be serious about cleaning your personal house of all your personal baggage.
If you feel like a victim in some aspects of your life, you will continue to do so unless you do something about it.
When you have an experience with an accompanying emotion you tend to develop a belief around the emotional event.
Soon, your mind associates the emotion with the belief and it becomes a pattern in your field that can repeat over and over again, cycling every time a similar event takes place.
By using various methods to change your painful beliefs into new harmonious beliefs you can forgive and move on to live the life of your dreams.
Creating true abundance is one of the greatest self-development programs you will ever undertake.
It will take you to the edge of the cliff to give you the widest view of how you react to your life.
It lets you see the patterns and behaviors that you have created in response to past events.
By seeing how they have boxed us in and created limitation after limitation, we see them with new eyes and a new willingness to let go.
Mental and emotional changes can be challenging indeed, but there are many tools to help you along the way.
Just pick up one of the modern magazines like Common Ground or Shared Vision and there are a myriad of practitioners who can help you.
Expert energy therapists such as myself, have awesome tools to help you make the changes to shift you into true abundance.
All you have to do is convince yourself to do whatever it takes and to be persistent with your efforts.
Now that you have looked at the inside, you now have to set concrete goals and act on them externally to bring them to fruition.
Positive action steps applied consistently and continually will bring your goal into reality.
Your reward for all your inner work is your ability to follow through in the outer world by combining inner change with outer focus.
By recognizing and appreciate yourself and your efforts, all that focus and determination will pay off.
Your appreciation for everything grown and everything around you enriches as you do.
It gives others the courage to walk the road of change and create true abundance for themselves in all aspects of their lives.

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