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How To Overcome Boredom?

How often do you get bored? Perhaps, the question should be reframed to read, 'how often during a day do you get bored?' The fact is many people get bored very often and they are clueless as to how to overcome their boredom.
In fact, a vast majority of them don't even think of overcoming boredom.
They get used to live with it.
If you want to find out how to overcome boredom, you should understand why you get bored in the first place.
The interesting thing about boredom (it is strange that there can be something interesting about boredom!) is that you may get bored when you do something as well as when you are idle.
You can understand that you will feel dull when you are idle.
After all, there is nothing to sustain your interest or even attention.
Unless you engage yourself in an activity, your brain finds nothing to do and makes you feel bored.
But why should you get bored when you are actively engaged in doing something? People usually get bored when they do routine or repetitive tasks.
Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people in this world are engaged in doing repetitive tasks.
For many, it is a job or profession, the way to earn their daily bread.
From an unskilled worker to a senior executive, for a large section of people, the daily routine remains the same.
Because they don't enjoy this routine, they always look forward to the weekend.
But sometimes, you may get bored even while being engaged in a pastime or getting yourself entertained.
Obviously, there is something routine about these activities also.
The only way you will be able to overcome boredom is by getting interested in what you are doing.
How can you get interested in something that is so dull? You just have to apply your mind and use your imagination.
If you are a machine operator working on a lathe, look at every job you do as great, something that adds value to the object you are working on.
Observe how it undergoes a change in your hands.
Take notice of the changes in the shape and other characteristics of the object and be proud of your own contribution to the operations that are taking place.
Be excited about every improvement your contribution brings about.
It may look difficult but once you start looking at things this way, you will begin to enjoy whatever you are doing.
As I am typing this article, a feeling of boredom is attempting to creep in but by focusing on what I am typing, I ignore it and let it die.
I feel proud and happy looking at this piece I have just created.

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