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Overcome Grief And Loss By Learning The 11 Universal Laws

In every person's live there comes a time when things go wrong and you begin to ask questions.
Why me, Why now, Why again.
These are the questions that I asked many times until I came across the 11 universal laws and started to learn that there is a reason for everything happening in my life and that there is a perfect order in everything.
And so far that discovery has been the most liberating experience of my life.
You know it doesn't really matter what is going on in your life right know, I mean it doesn't matter what is the nature of your problem because if you are having a problem then for you it is the most challenging, painful and depressing thing in your life.
For me it was the end of a five year relationship and you may say that this is nothing but it doesn't matter it was the hardest and most devastating thing for me.
And same goes for you.
Other people may laugh at your problem and say it's nothing compared to their problems but you are the one with the pain and sadness it is not them.
So it doesn't matter if somebody else things that your problem is big or small because you are the one who is having it and you will have to solve it.
It was the 11 universal laws for me and it may help you too or it can be something different.
You see everybody knows that there are far more universal laws probably thousands maybe millions but again it doesn't matter.
The 11 universal laws was just a medium for me learning about the laws of my being and it is a lifelong process and I enjoy learning and growing and so will you because it is learning without the pain and sadness.
When you start studying and learning who you are and why you are here then that discovery will free you from all the pain.
And that is a promise because that happened for me and it will happen for you too.
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