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How Your Thoughts And Emotions Create Your World!

Do you understand that your thoughts and emotions create your world, do you believe this to be true? I find that many people kind of get it but are not convinced that they truly hold the key to living the life that they really want.
In this article I am going to try a different way to demonstrate the power of our thoughts and emotions, so lets take a look at the opposite side: We have all had times where we have been totally negative, I am sure you will be able to recall a time where you have been really angry? You can immediately remember that feeling cant you? Now I don't want you to tune in to this too much or for too long, we don't want to go there, but I am trying to express how strong this emotion is and the power it has.
Have you ever been so angry that you feel you could do some serious damage? Nothing and nobody can change or affect how you feel and nothing can get in you way.
Think of how people react to you, the affect you have on them, they back off and don't want to be near you, this is the power of your emotion! You know when you get up one morning and your not feeling good, in fact you are in a really crappy mood, for the rest of the day you just attract what you feel and your whole day is a mess, this is the law of attraction at work! Right lets get away from the negative! So I don't think its difficult to see that scenario is it? Can you see the power you have? Can you see how your thoughts and emotions create your world? Now all we need to do is use that passion, power and strength and put it into positive thoughts, once you truly believe your power then the emotion will come with your thought and it is this emotion that will charge your desire.
Your thoughts and emotions will create your world! So lets say you want to change your financial situation, firstly you must be very clear in your mind why you want to change it, seems a silly statement I know but you need this clarity in your mind, so think, what would you do with the income you want to create, how will it change things for you? Don't waste time trying to figure out how this money is going to come to you, your job is to create in your mind the perfect picture in every detail, imagine being able to go and buy anything you like, take a vacation, never ever worry again about how you are going to pay the bills, how does it feel? Now this is absolutely the most important part, tune in to that feeling of total joy and freedom, feel the passion, really feel it, this emotion is what will attract your desire to you! The mistake a lot of people make with this is they see their desire in the future, if you are seeing this wonderful thing in your mind every day and creating your perfect world for the future, what do you think the law of attraction is going to do with that? Well of course it never happens because every day you see it in your future! See and feel it now, as if it is yours now, in your mind it must be now!

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