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Are You a Struggler?Identify Your Psychographic!

Marketers target the pain and pleasure of different psychological demographics.
These psychographic groups help us understand the power of programming.
 Each group has its own pain and pleasure triggers.
  The six main psychographic groups which are targeted in TV, Internet and Print ads are: The Struggler, The Emulator, The Explorer, The Socially Conscious, The Belonger and The Achiever.
  The strategy in addressing each of these segments is to either get them to move away from pain or entice them towards pleasure.
This article is going to take a closer look at The Struggler psychological psychographic.
  Some of the Struggler's sources of pleasure are looking tough, rugged, escaping, path of least resistance, and belonging.
  Sources of pain for the struggler are looking weak, reality, challenging tasks, and alienation.
  The person is someone who has a mind-set that they are resigned to a hard life.
They usually have low-education, low-esteem and don't believe they have the resources, other than manual labor, to improve their lives.
They are heavy consumers of lottery tickets, fast food, alcohol and tobacco.
They do not save their money because they make very little of it and usually have very few money management concepts.
Strugglers are routine oriented and are fearful of change.
This fear is rooted in self-doubt that they may not have what it might take to handle change.
  The Struggler is a classic example of the kind of life that a short-term gain, long-term pain strategy creates.
Struggler takes that strategy into every part of their lives from diet to relationships.
They tend to take the first job and first relationship that comes along and then, rather than risk the pain of looking for a better job or relationship, take the short-term gain of staying in this comfort zone.
That results in the long-term pain of a hard life.
  Their eating strategy is to choose what is cheap and tastes okay, which is typically the fattest, sweetest fast food.
Strugglers find it difficult to set and achieve worthwhile goals.
  Gangs are made up of strugglers from struggling families.
Strugglers feel the need to break the rules (and sometimes even the law) in order to survive.
  The thug/gangsta image of hip-hop is designed to appeal to strugglers.
  If the description of the Struggler resembles you in anyway, let me first congratulate you on reading this article.
I bet none of your friends have taken the time to read this.
Using the strategies outlined in many of my articles will help you to move out of this difficult segment of society.
The single greatest obstacle that you will have to overcome to make change in your life is moving out of your comfort zone.
A comfort zone is a tendency to get into a routine or rut where, regardless of how bad it is, you resist the changes necessary to improve your position.
As the old saying goes, "the known devil is better than the unknown devil.
" This is why women stay in abusive relationships or people stay in dead end jobs.
  This is a reactive mind-set that you will wait for something better to come along, and nothing ever does.
You want things to get better by themselves and they won't.
You will want to take a proactive approach and start to take steps to improve the quality of your life and change your family tree forever.
  Change is part of life.
Things are changing around you all of the time.
In order to improve your situation, you must recognize comfort zones in your life and take the steps to break out of them today.

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