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Speed Seduction Revealed

Speed Seduction is a method for generating attraction developed by Ross Jeffries.
It's origins are in a self published mail order book, but it's success has spawned numerous products across a wide range of media.
Speed Seduction is based upon the language patterns of clinical hypnotist Milton Erickson.
Considered by many to be the greatest clinical hypnotist of all time, Erickson was renowned for creating positive changes in his patients within just one session of hypnosis.
Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, Ericksons' therapy involved inducing trance through conversational indirect hypnosis.
His language patterns and methods were identified by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who used it as one of the foundations of NLP.
The core theory of Speed Seduction is that female attraction has an emotional basis.
To build attraction a man must communicate with her unconscious mind instead of focusing upon the logical conscious level.
To communicate with the unconscious, Speed Seduction uses embedded commands - ambiguous and hidden phrases within everyday communication that the listener does not consciously perceive.
Another Speed Seduction technique is anchoring, anchoring means guiding a person towards associating an emotional state (attraction, desire) with you.
This is achieved through touch, spatial anchoring or more simply through the use of voice tonality.
There are a wide range of other techniques in Speed Seduction and entire patterns of language designed to result in the outcome that you desire.
Speed Seduction was the original method on the market and has lost much of its popularity in recent years, This may not be due to to a failure of the method itself but due to the emergence of many seduction experts on the internet and in print.

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