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Organize Tips For Your Bedroom

Have you ever had this feeling before, you walk into your bedroom and you just felt discomfort, stress and panic.
Yep, that is what clutter does to you.
It is an unconscious drain on your energy without you knowing it.
The best way to get your sanity back is to de-clutter your bedroom.
Before you start de-cluttering your bedroom, first take a moment to think about what you are going to do.
Look around your bedroom and start to take quick notes.
-What would you like to keep close to your bed? -Is there anything occupying that space? -Where is the clutter piling up in your room? -Do you like to read at night and cannot find a place to drop your book? -Do you have a night stand by the bed and would you need extra light to read? -Are your dirty and clean cloths all bunched up together littering the floor? As you are asking yourself these questions you are creating a road map in your mind on how to tackle your room.
Look at the layout of your room and think if you might need to move things around for better space management.
Look under the bed and see if you have cloths or trash under there.
Do you have enough room under the bed for storage? You can invest in bed lifts or storage containers that can fit under your bed to add stuff there like shoes and items you do not use all the time.
When you have made a list of how to proceed and things you might need to buy.
Go get them quickly at the local store and then get ready for step 2.
Step two is straight forward.
Looking at the notes you made.
Create room by your bed for your night stand and maybe a table light.
Get rid of all the books and magazines littered all over the floor.
You can put back the ones you are not reading on the shelf.
Look at the shelves in your wardrobe or and make additions.
Sort through your cloths and get rid of things you do not need.
Any outfit you think you do not need any more should be brought out together and put in a salvation box.
Separate you cloths by underwear, socks and T sheets and put them accordingly in different drawers.
Place the well arranged cloths in different drawers so that you do not go looking for them all over the place when you need them.
Use your imagination.
Try and create extra space for your stuff such as shoes etc.
Your shoes can be placed under the bed and seasonal cloths can be put together in a vacuum seal bag and put away there too.
Creating a relaxing space for yourself is easy.
Have a clear picture in your mind and take the tasks one after the other.

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