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Is There Chaos in Your Life?

If I had a subtitle for this article, it would be: Aligning Your Life by Defining Your Values In many instances a person will wonder, "Why am I conflicted inside?" I am working on my goals and following my dreams? We often wonder why such events occur in our lives.
For those who have never thought about it, it can present a troubling aura around daily living.
This feeling of conflict or dissonance is called "Chaos".
Chaos stems from our core value set not being clearly defined and our actions being incongruent with our underlying "value set".
That lack of congruency while real, does not manifest itself clearly to us as a result of our value sets not being defined.
Moreover, we struggle with it on a daily basis as a result of not even knowing that the problem exists.
Defining values can be more fundamental to our happiness than we ever imagined.
It can help us to understand ourselves, our relationships our spirituality and our moral standards.
This definition can help alleviate the daily worries and anxiety that we experience.
Many people write down their goals.
This is a good thing.
However, if your goals conflict with your underlying value set, then you have the same problem all over again.
Value sets must be determined PRIOR to goals being set of CHAOS will ensue.
So, how do we define values? I have often wondered how to gather the resources together to aid in this.
Well, the internet has obliged.
In the resource box below is a link to a page I have set up specifically for helping you define your values.
There are three aids that I think will help tremendously; Value Sheet, Personal Affirmation and List of Values.
With these three and the explanation below, you should be able to define your core value set and align it to a personal affirmation.
With these tools you can begin to truly align your value sets with your goals and remove the chaos that this misalignment may have caused in your life.
WARNING: This drill may produce significantly different results than you were expecting.
It did for me.
So, here's how we do it! 1.
Take the master list of values and circle every value that you really think aligns to you.
Be generous and circle who you really are.
Go back and place a rectangle around the twenty or less that describe who you most want to be.
From that twenty, take a highlighter and highlight the 12 that are critical to you.
Number them from one to twelve.
Write the top ten on your Value Sheet.
This drill will help you define and decide how you want to live.
Not in the specifics, but in the underlying values you want yourself to live by and others to see.
Compare your results to your goals.
Do they match? If they do not, this may be why you have experienced that chaos in your life.
Not to worry, we can realign them very easily.
Goals change with life experience and knowledge.
You may have a different set of knowledge now and you can put that knowledge to use using the tools provided here.
Remember, each day you have a chance to start with a blank slate.
You can choose to be better, more confident, more aligned and happy or you can choose to remain static.

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