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Are You Serious?

Are you serious about your interior design business? Or are you pretending you have a business, trying to jump in to action if it looks like a client will fall into your lap? That is not what a business looks like, that is a hobby! Often the public thinks that interior designers are bored housewives that play with paint colors and fabrics in their spare time.
They could be right.
This is not a surprise to me because I have discovered that many interior designers do not take their careers seriously: •They have no marketing plan to attract clients •They have no infrastructure to support business (Bookkeeping system, Letters of Agreement, Proposals, Purchase Orders etc.
) •They have serious unresolved issues around money, values and deservability.
•Their businesses don't exist in any tangible form, like a physical location or web site address It is not a surprise that the much of the public thinks that interior design is not a real a business and therefore is reluctant to pay our design fees.
In this time of economic change we must stand up and be seen as valid businesspersons.
We must be demonstrating and explaining the true value and benefits to families and businesses at a soul level that fine interior design brings.
Many times designers do want to step up to "play big" but seem to be unable to make the move.
Something inside keeps them from having the confidence to show up in the world as great as they truly are.
The good news is that you can change this pattern of hiding out.
You can re-negotiate with your inner judge and break through the barriers that are holding you back from the success and income that you truly deserve.
Here are 3 simple tips that can help you start creating a serious business that attracts the jobs that you want and allows you to receive the income that you deserve.
Tip #1 Make a commitment (out loud in and front of several people) to have a serious interior design business, not hobby.
This means establishing what hours you will work on your business and what hours you will be available for your family.
Be clear and firm about your boundaries, you will certainly be tested to see if you really mean it.
Tip #2 Real businesses pay salaries to their employees.
You must pay your self on a regular basis.
If you can only afford $100.
00 per week, fine, get started.
This begins the money energy flowing to you and creates the space for the money to come to you in greater amounts.
Tip #3 Re-negotiate with your "inner judge.
" Are you thinking like a successful designer? Or are you thinking like a "hobby" designer? Personal success starts with the proper positive mindset.
Try this exercise; start by imagining you have just sold a great job with a solid $200,000 budget.
The deposit money is in your checking account and you are issuing the purchase orders.
Now, think about how powerful and confident that feels.
Then carry that confident feeling forward and imagine how it would effect the decisions you would make about your business, about your marketing and about your future.
This is the mindset that you need to operate from to in order to have a successful design business.
When you start thinking in a success mode, projects like web sites, bookkeeping systems and marketing plans start to fall into place Cultivate the feeling of success and practice living it on a regular basis and you will soon see the results.
Start now!

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