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Do What You Love, Not What Others Will Love You For Doing!

The reason so many people are suffering from a lack of self-fulfillment and genuine happiness in their lives is because of a two-fold equation/problem: attachment and incongruency.
We grow emotionally attached to people and places that no longer serve us, and we beat ourselves up over it.
Not only this, but the same problem is compounded if we're too unaware and unconscious of ourselves to realize that those very same people and places may not actually be the best things for us in the first place.
They are incongruent elements in our life, and we're simply not conscious enough to see or understand exactly WHY.
This lack of understanding is a major source of anxiety for most people.
The solution to this problem is to begin consciously calibrating yourself to true reality - that is, reality as it actually exists, operates, and behaves independently of how you think or feel that it should exist, operate, or behave - and learn that your true strength and leverage as an individual comes from working WITH reality, rather than denying your problems and trying to make life into something that it's not.
Until you finally accept your path with a heart, and accept that it's going to take a little bit of courage to begin living more consciously, there will forever be an impossible-to-solve schism between what you really want and where you are now.
Do What You Love, and Love What You Do The key thing to realize here is that if you're doing what you love - all the energy, focus, motivation, and discipline you'll ever need to take action will be infinitely supplied to you through your genuine enthusiasm, passion, and drive.
However, true enthusiasm, passion, and drive will only come after you accept reality as it actually is.
You must accept and embrace true reality or nothing can change.
Until you begin moving towards doing that which you actually love, nothing is going to feel right for you.
Everything will feel "off", and you won't seem to get anywhere...
despite your best efforts.
I've had more experience with the phenomena of personal ambiguity in regards to my path than I care to admit.
However, it was through those very trials that I learned to trust myself in my decision making.
Most importantly, I learned to trust my intuition in regards to something "feeling off" to me.
It's safe to say that if you're unenthusiastic about having to do something - or your life is full of obligations relating to actions you'd rather not be engaged in (i.
someone else's idea of a path for you), then you're most certainly uncalibrated to true reality.
Until you're calibrated to true reality, none of your efforts are going to line up for you.
This is because what's true for you is most likely very different from what someone else has in mind for you.
If you don't make your own choices and answer the deeper questions in life, you'll by default end up on someone else's path of self-fulfillment.
It's on someone else's path where you'll trade your true dreams and goals for "security" and "certainty".
All the security in the world is useless if you have to sacrifice growth, happiness, and self-fulfillment to obtain and maintain it.
If you're an employee, you're already helping line someone else's pockets while simultaneously deciding to be paid far less than what the actual value you create is worth.
How generous!; ) Life is leaps and bounds more enjoyable when you learn to trust yourself, move towards doing what you truly love doing, and then breathing a sigh of relief when reality realigns to support you.
Understand that this life truly is too short to get sucked into doing things you don't really want to do.
Self-Discipline is Only Required When You Hate What You're Doing You only need serious self-discipline when it comes to getting yourself to do things you genuinely don't want to do.
Discipline when focusing on a passion-driven goal is much different than discipline used to force yourself to abide by social protocol and expectation.
In the former, you spend more time convincing yourself it's actually a good idea to be doing something that your heart's not completely into.
Sure, we have to do things like make sure our bills are paid on time, provide ourselves with food and shelter, etc.
These things are simply a consequence of living, not a result of forcing oneself into an excessive - and unnecessary - neurotic survival mode.
Can you relate to that feeling and mode of being? Do you get neurotic and anxious at the thought of not having a job to fall back on? Does it send your fear-for-survival alarms into a frenzy? How would you feel if you showed up to work today, and found out that you no longer had a job? How would you feel if you won several million dollars on a scratch ticket? Do both of these scenarios cause a deep emotional response within you because they address the same root concern ( money, security, guaranteed survival, etc)? Stop Pleasing Everyone Except Yourself Stop trying to live a life that was designed by people who don't have your best interest in mind.
When you finally do this, you provide yourself with immense freedom to begin choosing better choices.
More importantly, you provide yourself with the enhanced ability to see better choices to choose.
You cannot become a match for what you truly want in this life by simultaneously holding conflicting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
In the words of Darryl Anka: this isn't philosophy, this is physics.
The reason being that you can't "see" or experience what you're not in resonance with.
What this means is that when you're stuck in perpetual fear-based thinking, you wouldn't "see" - or recognize - a genuine opportunity to solve the problems causing your situation, even if they came right up and bit you in the ass.
This is precisely the phenomena that has people banging their heads into walls, only to realize that "love was right here, all along!" (cue every boring, over-romanticized love/drama ever).
Inversely, when you adopt a more positive and constructive outlook towards life, things "shift", and you become more aware and congruent of opportunities that are there to assist you on your path.
This happens 100% of the time when your consciousness is calibrated to true reality.
In fact, I'd go so far as to argue that this is how reality actually works, and that we humans just tend to get in the way with our culturally-biased perceptions, expectations, and beliefs.
Self-discipline is only required to get yourself to do things you don't genuinely want to do.
Cultivating the self-discipline to adapt to a world that crushes your spirit and treats you as little more than a number and cog in the machine is a misuse of finite life energy.
Cultivating the self-discipline to pursue your path with a heart - despite your initial subconscious programming that will attempt to convince you otherwise - is precisely the type of spiritual life training you'll need to take on the types of challenges that make life truly worth living.
It's through these very same choices that we're able to establish, cultivate, and enjoy the experience that is true, genuine, serious self-fulfillment.

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