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Planning Your Development

Introduction Career choice and career goal planning are two of the most intricate and toughest choices one comes across throughout his life.
Although, I am quite sure about my future plan, I still have doubts if I have chosen the right career.
Achieving clarity in these issues may be the most important thing one can do in career planning and goal setting.
Most people, even very successful ones, have some periods in their career path when they seem unsure about their choices and goals.
It is totally normal to feel this way.
Often such periods just come and go.
For example, they took place when you face some overwhelming obstacles in your way.
But it is all over as soon as you get through the obstacles.
To help ensure success in life it is good for each one of us to have a personal development plan.
Personal development is all about learning and mature in your life.
Mainly in this article, we are going to discuss the development planning process in relation with my career goal planning and my development plan.
Diverging to encompass your goals The first and foremost thing for personal development is that one should have a clear picture about his goals.
It can be really challenging to identify areas in your life that need development especially if you are in doubts with yourself, with your desire, with your available and unavailable sources.
Even though you have tried in the past to develop certain areas of your life and failed, it does not mean that you cannot be successful in the future.
In my life I have to be aware in terms of what's working and what's not and also what I am ignoring totally.
Converging on your goals Prior to converge on your goals, the most important issue is to focus your goal setting efforts.
Setting unplanned goals in your life will eventually hinder motivations because these lead you to unrealistic values.
Before prioritizing goals, I need to decide which are the most important areas in my life are right now.
Once I have identified my goals, then I can prioritize them.
At the moment achieving a degree in engineering is the most important thing in my career.
Afterwards, I can focus more on personal goals.
Diverging to encompass your strategy At this point in time, it is more helpful to think of these in terms of competences rather than of knowledge.
In this way, I will be clearer about what I actually need to do.
Also, expressing your development in terms of competences will help you to explain others what exactly you want to achieve and why it is important and useful.
There is nothing unusual about personal self-assessment.
For example when looking at a job advert question such as; would I like the job?, Could I do it?, and Do I match the job specification?, will crop up.
However when we are carrying out a regular assessment of our needs and capabilities, we find ourselves in dilemma if they are in relation to our everyday work activities.
When you are self-employed, your development aims may vary from when you are employed.
Whatever the circumstances, there is now a requirement to assess more accurately and confidently your own needs and accomplishments.
In a new situation or a career change one can either change the situation and/or his attitudes or accept the situation or leave the workplace.

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