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What Does Success Have To Do With Fitness?

Nothing and everything.
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I began to recognize how good I was at pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving in a fitness level.
If I was going to run a mile, I would push my body to run a mile and a half.
Just for the pure satisfaction of doing it.
I knew I was in complete control of my body and what I made it do.
When the results started to manifest into the body that was dedicated to achieve.
That push, that motivation and pain staking hurt became well worth it.
I always heard things like "Once you have kids, your body will never be the same.
" And "Once you gain weight in your pregnancy, it's almost impossible to lose it.
" Those words rang in my head and I commanded my body to press on.
Honestly, I have a better body and better self confidence than I ever had before having children.
Why? Because all my hard work gives me satisfaction.
Think about it this way.
When I am lifting weights or doing cardio and my body physically hurts.
I am not thinking blissful thoughts while doing so.
I am saying to myself "C'Mon Barbara, YOU can do this! 2 more! GO!" The satisfactions comes only after I have grunted through the hard part.
Afterwards, my thoughts are "See, you did it! And you thought you couldn't! Remember that next time.
" I become my best friend encouraging myself throughout life.
But honestly, when it came to creating wealth and success, I was timid.
Was wealth for me? Does it matter that I wasn't brought up in a wealthy family? I was very timid at the thought of creating my own success.
I thought if I was going to become successful, it would just happen.
That is a fantasy mindset.
And once I realized how detrimental my thoughts were.
The game changed for me my friend.
This is how successful people achieve success.
They don't give up when things get tough or they can't figure something out right away.
No way.
They keep pressing on.
Keep moving toward your goal, whatever it may be.
It will hurt at times, your bank account may be in pain or you feel silly doing something.
But it is through the stretching of the circumstance that gives you the opportunity to become great.
Think of muscles.
They ONLY become defined and shapely once they have been stretched and pulled and prodded.
When you first begin working out, it can be uncomfortable, you feel like you can't do it, it's too hard, you won't see results, whatever you may be saying to yourself.
It is completely parallel to wealth and success.
You must push your self to attain the dreams and goals in your life.
In fact, that is the way it is with every aspect of your life, mentally, financially, relationally and spiritually.
The only one who cares more about your dreams coming true in you.

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